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introduction to herbal medicine and Practices program



Welcome to the journey into plant medicine.  I am so happy to have you here and considering walking this path with me. The plant path is a deeply sacred journey, and I would not be complete without it. It is this work, these practices, and this connection to the earth that guides me through every breath, movement and thought, and my goal is to help awaken those places within others. These practices are deeply inherent ancient wisdom that exists in every cell of every being just waiting to be reawakened. 


This is more than an herbal medicine study. There will be clinical and scientific discussion, plant identification, medicine making, applying herbal remedies to every day ailments and more. But on a deeper level, together we will journey through the seasons, exploring ways to incorporate plant medicine and magic into our lives. In addition to the herbal medicine teachings, we will work with earth spirit practices, like the wheel of the year, plant communication, plant ally journeys, meditation, and more.  We will gather once a month in person and again once a month virtually from March through October.  


Together we will learn:
- the foundations of herbalism, its history and origins

- various methods of hands on medicine making
- plant identification
- ethics of practice, including ethical and sustainable foraging/wildcrafting
- ways to incorporate plant medicine and magic into your daily life to support yourself, family and friends
- learn to tune deeper in with your own body to begin to take your own health back into your hands

- herbal self care

- confidently learn to work with herbs for common ailments 


What to expect:
Each month we will gather once either at the apothecary, in my garden, or at a state or local city park, and again once on zoom for further discussion of the applications of the plants we met or discussed that month, for home medicine making, or other related discussion.  We also encourage you to take advantage of helping out in Kim’s garden.  The depths to which you take this apprenticeship is in your hands.  Opportunities like helping out in the apothecary or on our land will provide more hands-on work with medicine making, learning about herbs and their actions, plant communication, constitutional prescribing, etc.  


We will gather from 11-2 or 3 on the in-person days, so please be prepared to have lunch with us.  Everyone should bring a dish to share, and please bring your own utensils and plate.  Please also have with you a bottle of water, sun protection, and an insect repellent.  We recommend St John’s Wort (or St J’s) Oil as a sun protectant and can provide recommendations for insect repellent if you'd like.  Please, no aerosol or chemical based sunscreen or insect repellents. Given the continued current state of things, if you're feeling unwell, please do stay home and rest and contact us as soon as you can so that we can arrange for someone to call you in to join us via phone or zoom whenever possible.

Location and Dates: 

If you're interested in our 2023 program, please apply at the link below.  

The 2023 program has very limited space and we may have two separate circles. 

This year, both circles will likely be in the Philadelphia area, but the second circle may be in Western Massachusetts if space and climate allows. Moving forward, we aim to have 2024 circles and beyond begin to move up to the land in Western Mass for a more intimate, in depth, hands on experience.

for the in-person dates, plan to gather from 11-2 or 3.  Philadelphia locations will vary as we will sometimes be gathering at state or city parks, in my garden or at the apothecary.  The two circles in Philadelphia will be only for this year, and begin transitioning circles to the Berkshires in 2024. 


The Berkshires circle will be on the land I tend to in the forest of Western Massachusetts.  Overnight camping is an option, weather permitting. There are also opportunities for Philadelphia apprentices to come to Western Massachusetts for our circle or for additional continued learning outside of our monthly gatherings. 

All applicants will be contacted in January 2023

Applications are open for the 2023 program.
Please click below to apply and for more information. 


click here

Tuition and Fees

Our plan for this year and moving forward is to implement a program that is truly inclusive by making the program have an honor based variable scale in tuition.  We ask that apprentices choose the investment that is the maximum they are able to contribute given their financial circumstances.


Work trade options are also available on a very limited basis.

If you are not selected for this current apprenticeship year, all additional applicants will have first choice on space in the following year's circles.  

Applicants are contacted and selected in the order upon which they apply


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