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Energy Healing


Traditional Midwifery and Birth Advocacy

with Mayumi Miller

Mayumi practices reiki and vibrational energy work. Both are hands-on forms of healing. A typical session with her looks like sitting face to face and discussing the reasons for coming, what the client’s intentions for healing are followed by the hands on energy work which takes place on a massage table. 


Clients come for physical ailments, emotional and spiritual distress. During sessions we explore the client’s emotional and physical state, as that gives clues to where they may be feeling stuck. Once we uncover their pain points we are able to sync up energetically so Mayumi can hold space for them to shift. 
If trauma has occurred we are able to unpack the stories around it and understand the trauma in new light, with new awareness so the client may experience more agency in their relationship to it. The hands-on portion of the healing session is an opportunity to reset and restore the energetic and physical body so the client can experience more peace and ease in their life.

Healing sessions are $150 per session and last approximately 1.5 hrs.



A bit about Mayumi: Originally from New York City, Mayumi has lived in Philadelphia for the last 14 years. She began learning herbalism as a young teenager and has continued to learn and use herbs in her everyday life with her clients and her family. She is mother to three sweet children. They live in Fisthtown with their kitty and various other creatures. She has been doing birth work for the last 16 years, first as a postpartum support person and then as labor support and advocacy for the last 12. She learned traditional midwifery from midwives in the Philadelphia area and started her own practice with her midwifery partner in the summer of 2020. When she isn’t catching babies and serving families she enjoyed walking in the forest and making music and art. 

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