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Herbal CSA

 Herbal CSA is back with Barefoot Botanicals, organic medicinal herb farm located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania 

We are excited to again host as a pick up site for another year of the Herbal CSA with Barefoot Botanicals

The details:

Enjoy 6 months of Farm Direct Certified Organic Herbs


Herbal Education in How to Use Them!


Pickup at Transcending Roots.   Shipping is available for an additional fee.


Herb shares will consist of mixture of certified organic fresh and dried herbs each month, hand harvested within 48 hours of delivery to the pickup site. If herbs are dried it is because they are best used in dried form or difficult to maintain quality beyond the day of harvest.


Every month, from May through October, shareholders will receive:


4 different freshly harvested herbs each month (Approximately 4-8 ounces each or 1.5-2 pounds total of fresh herbs and/or 1-4 ounces each of dried herbs) 


Online access to 10-15 minute instructional videos that cover:

  1. Each kind of preparation recommended for your harvest box

  2. Growing, harvesting and storage considerations for each plant to connect you to what's happening out in the field

  3. Instruction on storage 


Videos are taught by Linda Shanahan, Herb Farmer, Nurse Educator & Herbalist


Instruction on storage and processing of your herbs into valuable herbal products.


Access to member pricing on all the herbs that we grow and products that we sell









Sample Share Contents

(Shares vary year to year):


May Delivery/Pickup last week of May

8 Ounces Chamomile (fresh flowers), 4 Ounces Thyme (fresh leafy tops), 8 Ounces Lemon Balm (fresh leafy tops), 4 Ounces Wormwood (fresh leafy tops)


June Delivery/Pickup last week of June

8 Ounces Milky Oats (fresh seed in milk stage), 8 Ounces California Poppy (fresh whole plant), 4 Ounces Lavender (fresh flowering wands), 8 Ounces Yarrow (fresh flowering tops)


July Delivery/Pickup last week of July fresh leaf and flower), 8 Ounces Peppermint (fresh leafy tops), 2 Ounces Calendula (dried flowers), 4 Ounces Chamomile Hydrosol


August Delivery/Pickup last week of August

8 Ounces Passionflower (fresh flowering vine), 8 ounces Tulsi Basil (fresh flowering tops), 8 Ounces Mixed Dried Tea Herbs (will include four of the following - Tulsi Basil, Spearmint, Lemon Balm, Pineapple Sage, Milky Oats, Chamomile, Mountain Mint)


September Delivery/Pickup last week of September

8 Ounces Ginger (fresh baby rhizome), 1 Pound Hibiscus (fresh fruiting branches with calyx), 6 Ounces Garlic (fresh bulb), 3 Ounces Horseradish (fresh root), 2 Ounces Hot Peppers


October Delivery/Pickup last week of October

8 Ounces Rosemary (fresh leafy tops), 8 Ounces Elecampane (fresh root), 8 Ounces Valerian (fresh root), 8 Ounces Burdock (fresh root)


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