Hypnotherapy with Inner Sanctum Wellness

What if I told you that there is an entire world that exists within your body and mind that holds infinite

wisdom and understanding outside of your conscious knowing? Within this inner world exists remnants

of past life experiences, core-beliefs formed in early life, and a vast amalgamation of creative and

personal potential. All of which make you the incredibly unique being you are today; And most of which

you are not aware of when you are distracted with tedious, mundane routines.


Hypnosis is a facilitated trance that brings you out of your conscious mind and deeper into your subconscious and core

processes. It is here where you can explore your inner world, and transform unsupportive core-beliefs

that may not be serving you. Hypnosis is one of the oldest, easiest, most effective resources in which to

listen to and support greater understanding, and change within. Imagine what your life would be like if

you could transform, support and create new ways of thinking and being through Hypnosis. The inner

power that is awoken with Hypnosis is one of the many reasons why I love this work!




Greetings! My name is Krystal. I am a certified Hypnotist, intuitive bodyworker and herbalism student. I

am a queer, femme, small business owner in Philly and go by They/She pronouns. My intuitive

therapeutic business is known as Inner Sanctum RituWell with the intention that ritual and wellness are

not mutually exclusive but work together to support us in greater understanding of ourselves in mind,

body, and spirit. We all hold sacredness and magic within us that are constantly communicating with us

what we need/want, and how we can achieve it. This is where I come in. I support others in exploring

their minds and bodies to create positive shifts in their lives, relieve physical and mental pains, release

unwanted habits and ways of thinking that are not serving them, and in general facilitate greater

curiosity, healing and understanding within.


I have worked with a vast array of people of all-ages to utilize Hypnosis in transforming bad habits,

unhelpful ways of thinking, phobias, traumatic past experiences, shame, judgement etc. and supporting

positive habits, health, wellness, creativity and positive ways of thinking. Pretty much anything that

involves the mind can be explored and transformed with Hypnosis. My teacher always said “The proof is

in the pudding.” And as someone who’s experienced incredible positive growth through hypnosis and

translated that into my daily life, I’ve personally tried the pudding, and it works! I’ve cultivated a deeper

understanding of myself, my body, my magical workings, and my life path through hypnosis. I still

receive, trade and share hypnosis workings with other hypnotists and healers, and am continually

learning and growing within my work and myself. I am so honored to be able to support others with this

beautiful, empowering work.


I received my Hypnosis training through Hypnotherapy One in Spokane, WA. I offer Hypnosis online

through Zoom and in-person at Transcending Roots Apothecary.

If you’re interested in learning more and experiencing how unique and easy Hypnosis is, head onto my

website www.InnerSanctumRituWell.com and schedule a session. After exploring the site, if you have

additional questions, set-up a free 15-min manifestation meeting with me via Zoom or phone, in which I

can answer all questions you have about Hypnosis and working with me.

Apart from my love of Hypnosis and Mind/Body/Herbal explorations, I am also a tarot reader,

bookworm, and cat and reptile mom. I love biking and foraging around the city of Philadelphia. I stand in

solidarity with the Leni Lenape people whose land was stolen and to which Philadelphia is a part of. 10%

of my Hypnosis and herbal proceeds are donated to the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania out of great


respect and reparation for the Lenape people and their land. Thank you! I look forward to journeying

with you!