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As a small-batch, independently woman-owned apothecary, it is very important to us to strive to bring you the highest quality herbs and products that are ethically and sustainably grown and/or harvested, and produced with deep respect and gratitude for all life on earth, and a continued effort toward healing our planet.  It is also very important to us to support small-batch, local producers whenever possible. We are always looking to build our community, so please contact us if you are a maker and would like us to possibly carry your creations!


We are so grateful for the amazing herbalists we work with and the hard work they do.

Here you will find a list of our growing partnerships with our farms, practitioners, community, and herbalists:

  • Barefoot Botanicals

  • Tooth of the Lion Farm and Apothecary

  • Healing Spirit Herb Farm

  • BC Kelp

  • Foster Farm Botanicals

  • Zack Woods Herb Farm

  • Mountain Rose Herbal

  • Frontier Co-op

  • Natural by Nature

  • Swarmbustin' Honey

  • Organic Alcohol Company

  • Pranarom

  • Earth Goddess Herbal

  • Jade Creations

  • Threshold Wellness

  • Conjure Wellness

  • Cycles Journals

  • Gift of the Flowers

  • Mothercraft

  • Sister Sage Herbs

  • Honeyrose Botanicals

  • Millefolium Collective

  • Alchemy Birth and Wellness

  • Earthside Connection

  • Clarissa Eck Ceramics

  • United Plant Savers

  • WeMoon
  • and more..

Want to work with us?  We'd love to hear from you!  

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