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Maiden to Mother & Beyond➹


The voyage from Maiden to Mother is a colored passage through a threshold of beautifully unforeseen challenges that birth both a new soul and a new mother.  The precious time frame of the first forty days postpartum is full of delicate vulnerability for the entire family unit.  This period deserves to be nourished and honored by a doula who gently guides a family into safe harbor, setting the foundation for their future.   


Hi love! ‘Tis Brooke! How wonderful for the stars to align guiding your way here to this page! I am a mother, Earth lover and a hugger! My embodied experience through a deeply challenging Postpartum was a trial by fire.  Just like the Phoenix, I rose from the ashes with a deeper, more revered consciousness that I am called to serve and honor The Mother through all of her triumphs, tears, sleeplessness and empowerment.  


I completed my training through Carriage House Birth via Birdsong Brooklyn.  I have served both the Los Angeles and Philadelphia areas.  My support focuses on warmth, nourishing meals, herbal allies, sitz baths and yoni steams.  When I enter a home, I aim to soothe the environment by alchemizing the needs of the entire family.  I would love to dive deeper if you feel a synergy!


Love, Light & Green Blessings! 


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