A collection of aromatic gem essesnces that serve a variery of different healing purposes.  Each mist is handmade with a unique blend of essential oils, reiki-charged crystals and water that has been blessed under the light of the full moon.


Create- carnelian crystals, grapeseed oil, essential oil of palo santo, rosemary, frankincense, grapefruit, bergamot

Love-  rose quartz, grapeseed oil, essential oils of rose, geranium and nutmeg


Prosper- citrine crystals, gold mica, grapeseed oil, essential oils of frankincense, clove, orange, balsam fir, and cinnamon


Relax- blue lace agate, grapeseed oil, essential lil of lavender, bergamot, basil and chamomile


Sense-  Amethyst crystals, mica powder, grapeseed oil, essential oils of patchouli, frankincense, clary sage, neroli, lemongrass


Smudge-  Kyanite crystals, sea salt, grapeseed oil, essential oils of clary sage, white sage, cedarwood and palo santo

Conjure Wellness Healing Mists

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