Introducing, ‘Moon Wisdom’ womb anointing oil. 

I have been crafting something to celebrate women’s womb wisdom and magic for some time now, but was recently inspired from a plant spirit journey I had with hypericum and my teacher @robinrosebennett to bring this dream to fruition. 

This journey brought to light so much for me, coming in the form of the serpent. As a snake sheds its skin, renewing itself, this plant spirit offers its healing light to help us shed too what needs to be let go. Shedding pain and rebirthing self; Releasing anger and fear; Reclaiming power; honoring your ancestors and returning to your self in this delicate spiral of life. 

And so this womb anointing oil was born. St J’s oil is blended with motherwort, lady’s mantle and ginger infused oil, offering support through moon cycles, for cramps and discomfort, deepening connection with ourselves, self love and healing, with or without a womb, during or after bleeding years. 

May these allies illuminate love, healing and transformation in your life. Blessed be


Organic and wildcrafted ingredients:

hypericum perforatum flowering tops, ladys mantle, motherwort, ginger, organic olive oil, mica 

Moon Wisdom Womb Anointing Oil

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