A starter set of 7 nourishing herbs for infusion for general wellness, health and vitality.


what is an herbal infusion?
An herbal infusion is essentially a very strong tea, usually made with nutritive herbs, a larger quantity of plant material, and steeped for 4 hours to overnight.

(**This is usually done with less aromatic herbs. Making an infusion of strong aromatic, delicate plants, like lavender, peppermint, or other very fragrant herbs, can extract too much of their volatile oils, which when done regularly, can be hard on the kidneys.)


Herbal infusions have made the greatest shift in my physical, emotional and spiritual health. They are sooo deeply nourishing on so many levels, I can not imagine my life without them.


I begin my daily infusions generally right before bed and leave them on the counter to steep overnight, and drink these throughout the day in place of water.  

General rule of thumb is about 1/2-1 ounce of plant material per 32 oz of boiling water.



1 - 32 oz jar

1 - muslin tea sock


2 oz each of 7 nourishing herbs:

  • nettle
  • oatstraw
  • linden
  • red clover
  • hibiscus
  • burdock
  • mullein


($55 value)

Nourishing Herbal Infusions Starter Kit

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