I feel so drawn to nervous system nourishment right now, I’m sure many of us are feeling a need of being held by the earths medicines.


I’ve been working a lot with peach medicine this year. All parts of the peach tree and fruit carry medicinal value and I’ve had the honor of working with all of these parts slowly over the last two years. ⁣

I bottled this peach tincture under the July eclipse full moon.

This delightful tincture immediately fills me with a lightness, a sweetness, a feeling of joy. When working with any plant, I sit with them and listen for any messages I might receive and pay close attention to where in my body I might feel this spirit. Peach immediately went to my head and then down my spine, almost as if clearing my chakras from crown to root. I immediately felt cool, lighter. A playful, child-like energy fills my soul. ⁣

I learned of peach medicine from my mentor, Robin Rose Bennett.  Robin speaks of peach being soothing and calming to the nervous system, an ally for nausea (especially in pregnancy), and “to bring back the possibility of sweetness in a time that feels so bitter” (Bennett, 2014). Thank you for introducing and opening me in new ways to this tree that I’ve loved and honored for so many years. Forever a student and always in awe of the Earth’s many blessings.


I hope you enjoy this offering as much as we do.


Blessed Be!


1 oz



These statements have not been approved by the FDA, and are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.


Peach Blossom and Pit Tincture

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