Sister Sage Herbs, started in 2005, comes to us from a small batch farm in Oregon, lovingly created by Jayne Simmons. 


These signature blends are all grown, loved, cared for and harvested on her farm and crafted into these magnificent remedies.


Cough It Up

Reach for this potent combination of herbs during those moments when your throat feels scratchy or sore. Hyssop flower may help drain mucus and break up congestion. Thyme and Self Heal are traditionally used in Herbal medicine to help ward off germs. Dilute Cough It Up in water and use it as a mouthwash, throat spray, or gargle when you’re congested for a more productive cough.*


Dream On 

A potent blend of calming herbs featuring Valerian root for those who have trouble falling and staying asleep. Valerian may promote a deeper level of relaxation while Catnip, added for its flavor and antispasmodic properties, may help with leg twitching and cramping and Oats add a nutritional benefit to the formula.*


Echinacea Bitters

This tincture was made for those times when you feel you might be coming down with something. Known as an immuno-antagonist, Echinacea may help reduce discomfort experienced with cold- or flu-like symptoms. Use up to four times a day, as needed.* If you are facing an autoimmune disease or suspect so, do not use this until you speak to your health care provider.


Holy Mama

A life in a state of change seeks harmony. Holy Mama tincture helps ground the senses and clear cluttered thoughts to help you face challenges and stress gracefully. This powerful on-the-spot infusion features Holy basil and Blue Vervian to help calm the senses without making you feel tired. Motherwort and Wood betony may reduce feelings of upset stomach and uneven breathing that are normally experienced with panic attacks.*


Peace & Love

This berry-flavored tonic is made with Hawthorn berry, which was believed for centuries to help with all matters of the heart and was used as a heart tonic, a love potion, and for grief.Peace & Love combines Hawthorn berry with Oats, which may help support blood and oxygen flow to the heart.* 


Zen Tonic

This rejuvenating tonic is like yoga in a bottle: calming but also energizing. Long used by athletes while training, Eleuthero may help boost stamina and energy levels while Skullcap helps quiet the mind to promote focus and concentration. Zen Tonic should be taken daily to build up in your system over time. Talk to your doctor before using Zen Tonic if you are already on prescriptions for sleep and/or anxiety.*


Zzz’s Please

Go the bleep to sleep! This gentle-acting tincture is made for those who experience mild troubles falling asleep, including infants and elders. Concentrated German Chamomile promotes deep relaxation and helps make it easier for you to drift off. It can also help calm tension in the belly that keeps little ones awake. One dropper-full is the equivalent of about two cups of Chamomile tea. Zzz’s Please is safe for the whole family—use one drop per year of age for infants, and one drop per age away from 100 for elders over 90.*




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