A perfect addition to any altar, as a symbol of female empowerment, bleeding cycles, and/or fertility.  Also makes a beautiful "talking stick" in a women's circle.


The Venus of Willendorf is a carved figurine that was excavated from an archeological dig site in 1908 in Austria, estimated to be over 30,000 years old!!  Estimated to have been carved during the "European Paleolitic Old Stone Age", she is the oldest known representation of the female goddess, believed to be a representation of a fertility symbol and Mother Earth.


A beautiful and iconic example of ancient Mother Goddess figurines, the Willendorf Goddess is particularly relevant to women today as a symbol of the beauty of the fully-fleshed, maternal female body. 


Her symbolism is vitally important in our culture- one that puts oppresive,  societal guides around women and our appearance, and the false representation of what is of "feminine".  This distorted perspevtive of the female form is part of the disempowerment of women


The Goddess of Willendorf is full figured, with a soft round belly, representing the magic and beauty of the true female form.  May we love ourselves fully, flaws and uniqueness, through all stages of our goddess selves (maiden, mother and crone) 

Venus of Willendorf - 3" stone figure

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