This is a traditional waldorf heavy baby.  These weighted dolls are made in the traditions associated with Rudolph Steiner's educational philosophies.  


This doll is hand and machine sewn. The doll head and soft body is made with organic wool roving, organic cotton "doll skin", undyed muslin, and cotton string. The body filling is organic dried millet, calming herbs, such as organic lavender and chamomile, and gentle calming organic essential oils, if desired.  All buntings and bonnetts are 100% natural fibers such as organic cotton velour, organic cotton, silk or linen.


The dolls will have blank faces unless otherwise specified in options below. 


All dolls are custom made to order, and generally take up to 14 days to be made and shipped to you or available for pick up.  I will reach out within 24-48 hours after the order is placed to discuss fabric options, weight and herbs used for doll filling.  


Approx 11-12in in length.


Waldorf Heavy Baby

Select Skin Tone

  • Waldorf dolls are often expressionless, traditionally made with a completely blank face, sometimes with simple eyes and without a mouth, or a neutral mouth form.  They are made this way to nurture the growing child’s imagination and creativity and allow children to breathe the life they want into their toys instead of it being fixed for them.  Waldorf dolls are also therapeutic to young children; their weight, size, and aromas offer a feeling of calm and security to children.

    It never ceases to amaze me how it’s always the simplest toys (or basic household items), that are the things often receiving the most use and love from our children, especially in a world as overstimulating as the one we are in now.  It feels good to try to slow things down for them, and to try and meet them where they are and help to find balance, comfort and curiosity in the uncertainties of today's world. 

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