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Looking to bring a pause into the busy workday for your staff to cultivate space for self care and nourishment through herbal medicine?  Let us bring to your office events focused around herbal medicine and wellness, cultivating self care and team building.  We can work either in-person in the Philadelphia ~ Berkshires ~ Manhattan Area, or virtually nationally.

Select an option from our event list or share with us your unique ideas! 

Contact us for pricing, to set up a date and more info!

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Herbal Tea Blend Making

Invigorate the senses and learn the art of tea blending in this grounding, interactive and collaborative workshop.  Participants will learn the basics of tea blend formulation and collectively create a tea blend focusing on the needs of the group as a whole.  Guided through a tea meditation, we will experience each herb and tune into how it resonates in the body, and learn how to tap into what those messages might tell us about these plants benefits.  

Each participant will go home with a bag of the tea they created.

(1-1.5 hours)


Stress Relief and Release

The pace of our culture has us living more and more in that "fight or flight" mode, often impacting our ability to move through daily life in a functional and healthy way.  Herbs can help find our way back to that parasympathetic state of rest and offer the mind, body and spirit deep medicine of reconnection and grounding.  In this event, we will learn the benefit of different classes of herbs that support a healthy nervous system and stress response, including adaptogens and nervines.


We will taste various remedies and learn how to apply them.  Each participant will go home with a herbal remedy of their choice.

This event can include an optional meditation, sharing circle and ritual release or intention setting to offer additional tools to support more conscious living and workspaces.  

(1-1.5 hours)


Community Immunity

Learning how to support the immune system naturally is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.  We offer a variety of hands on medicine making workshops, teaching participants how to make effective kitchen remedies they can begin implementing immediately at home.  Fire Cider, Elderberry Syrup, Infused Honeys, and Cough Syrups are just a few of these immune supportive workshops we can offer.

(1.5-2.5 hours)


In House Herbal Medicine Consults

Want to offer your staff more personalized wellness support? Arrange 1:1 herbal consults for supporting their individual needs.

(minimum of 4 consults for us to schedule)

Custom Offerings 

Have something else in mind? We'd love to hear it! Share with us what you'd like to bring to your staff and we can help brainstorm an experience that fits your individual needs.

Let's Work Together

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