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About Us


Transcending Roots, opened October 2019, is a mother/green witch owned herbal apothecary, begun with a mission to nurture, inspire and empower healthier communities and reawaken our connection and respect for the Earth and her medicines, by making the knowledge and tools accessible.

With a deep respect for many herbal traditions, Transcending Roots offers a space to support and offer gratitude for herbalism, magick, and healing rooted in various traditions, and go beyond the limits of their boundaries to bring them together.  The roots are the beginnings of life and the source of all of our healing.  The plant spirits do so wish to share their gifts with all of us, to be seen, worked with, and honored, which in turn nourishes all of life, Mother Earth, and beyond.  As a community, Transcending Roots aims to represent a diverse web of traditions through each of the herbalists, practitioners, and the like that each bring their traditions, wisdom, creativity, and love into the space.

We provide the community with the tools to be able to prepare many easy to make, effective remedies themselves.  We strive to ensure that the items made in store and by other makers are of the absolute highest quality, local whenever possible, and are always ethically and sustainably sourced, and cruelty free.


In addition, we provide a space that offers support for physical, spiritual, and emotional healing through our much needed reconnection with Mother Earth.   We offer adult and children's workshops on plant medicine, herbal remedy making, and earth-based spirituality.

Transcending Roots offers bulk organic dried herbs, tea blends, and herbal remedies prepared by the shop and various small batch local herbalists, conscious crafts by local artisans, and metaphysical supplies.  


All of our products made in store are small batch and prepared in a ceremonial and ritual practice with the cycles of the moon.  Everything is organically sourced or respectfully and ethically wildcrafted. We work with as many local or small production farms and wholesalers as possible to bring you the highest quality gifts from the Earth.

Our Impact:

The impact we make on the earth is forefront in the work we do.   While we will certainly never claim to be perfect, we are always striving to be as environmentally conscious and sustainable as possible and reduce our carbon footprint in any way we can.  In doing so we:

~ make a vast majority of our products in store from herbs we ethically wildcraft or purchase from regional organic farms

~ support and purchase from as many bioregional farms and makers as possible, and always looking to grow that network

~ products have either recyclable glass or compostable packaging, and we offer refills on tinctures *(in store only) at a discount

~ compost all of our herbs that are used to make tinctures and other products

~ 100% recycled packaging / plant based adhesives, and recycled packaging material (all the way down to our box filling and packaging tape!)

~ no vinyl printing : our labels are made in store and printed on recycled/recyclable label paper and/or labels are made from compostable material 


Transcending Roots is a member and partner with the following organizations focused in protecting and supporting the health of this Web of Life we live in:












Please feel free to reach out to us with any needs, questions, or comments. 


Green blessings

Interested in carrying our products?  Contact us here for wholesale info!

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