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Transcending Roots Herbal Apothecary

331 E Girard Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19125


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About Us




Transcending Roots begins with a hope to inspire and empower healthier communities and reawaken our connection and respect for the earth, by making the knowledge and tools accessible.

With a deep respect for many herbal traditions, Transcending Roots offers a space to support and offer gratitude for herbalism, magick, and healing rooted in various traditions, and go beyond the limits of their boundaries to bring them together.  The roots are the beginnings of life and the source of all of our healing.  The plant spirits do so wish to share their gifts with all of us, to be seen, worked with, and honored, which in turn nourishes all of life, Mother Earth, and beyond.  As a community, Transcending Roots represents a web of traditions through each of the herbalists, practitioners, and the like that each bring their traditions, wisdom, creativity, and love into the space.

The goal is to provide the community with the tools to be able to prepare many easy to make, effective remedies themselves.  We strive to ensure that the items carried are of the absolute highest quality, local whenever possible, and are always ethically and sustainably sourced, and cruelty free. In addition, we provide a space that offers support for physical, spiritual, and emotional healing through our much needed reconnection with Mother Earth.

Transcending Roots is a wellness boutique offering bulk dried herbs, tea blends, and herbal remedies prepared by the shop and various small batch local herbalists, conscious crafts by local artisans, and metaphysical supplies.  

We will also offer pop-up herbal clinics, adult and children’s workshops on home remedy crafting, mindfulness, and wellness, with a special support around family and womxn's health.


Please feel free to reach out to us with any needs, questions, or comments. 


Green blessings