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Personalized Herbal Support
for adults, children and pets

I have a large variety of herbs, teas, simple tinctures, blended extracts, and various other preparations available for purchase in the shop.  Whether you know what your are looking for, or need help finding the right allies, I am always here to help!

The plants have a beautiful ability to help be our healing guides when we allow ourselves to open up deeper to a relationship with nature. Herbal medicine is the people's medicine.  It always has been at the center of our oldest communities, and should still be, and remain accessible, safe, effective, and empowering.  I am here to offer the tools to help educate and empower others to confidently work with plants and the natural world, and the many ways they are here to support us.


I offer in depth 1:1 personalized herbal consults, within which we create a relationship to formulate a plan created just for you, helping you achieve your spiritual, physical, psychospiritual and emotional health goals. I am happy to work with adults, children and pets.  Initial consults are usually 1-1.5 hours.  My practice generally involves working on multiple levels that include the in physical, spiritual, emotional, ritual and magical applications of the tools we choose to work with. After our meeting, I will share an in depth look at what we went over and may suggest herbal, dietary, supplementary, lifestyle, and self care practices.  We will follow up via email over the first few weeks, and generally will schedule a follow up visit at an agreed upon time period, usually 2-6 months after beginning any recommendations.

If you interested in arranging consult or have general questions, please email me, and I am happy to answer any questions you may have.    All consults are sliding scale.  Initial consults are $90-175.  Follow up visits are usually 30-45 minutes and are $50-100.  No one will be turned away for financial circumstances, so if an in depth consult is not accessible or what you're looking for, I am still happy to answer any questions and offer more general recommendadtions and guidance.


 I also will be seeing clients and overseeing the Free and Low Cost Herbal Clinic we are aiming to establish out of our old store front location in Philadelphia, which is now The Sacred Path Herbal Collective.  



About Me

Welcome. My name is Kim, and I am first and foremost a mother to two beautifully magical, brilliant, intuitive, quirky and strong willed children. They are the real guides here, I believe our children come through us to teach us.  I am a better medicine maker, teacher, "healing guide", friend, and partner because of them, and am inspired each day to do this work because of them. I also am an herbalist, medicine maker, educator and green witch, with a family background in Wise Woman Healing and Appalachian Folk Traditions.  My journey into plant medicine began before I even knew it had, growing up in Maryland with family practices I’d later find out were deep traditions in Appalachian folk medicine & magic.  Blood stoppers, wart talkers, fire blowers & faith healers, are terms for things I experienced in my childhood that I had no name for & thought were just “what we did”.  


Always a empath & HSP, fascinated with nature & animals, & as a true Sag (being theologically curious and skeptical) I grew up with a deep curiosity & love of magic. I was guided deeper into plant medicine in my teens, & have been on the green path since & a devotee to mama earth & her medicines for over 20 years now.  What began as a personal healing journey & hobby, quickly turned into a deep devotion & life of service to the earth & my communities as I walked further down this road.

How many times has the earth saved YOU? I’ve lost count. 


I hold a bachelors in complimentary & alternative medicine, & have studied clinical & folk herbal medicine. My passion, background, & search in study of herbalism is never ending & is rooted in magic and healing traditions in my ancestral heritage of Appalachia, Cuban & Celtic decent, as well as learning from the great systems of ancient medicine around the world.  I have had the honor of sitting with some really amazing wise elders and teachers on this journey, including in Robin Rose Bennett, Rocio Alarcon, David Winston, Kasea Meyers, Tammi Sweet, Susun Weed, Aviva Romm, Rosita Arvigo, Ellen Evert Hopman, Rich Mandelbaum, and many more. I worked in veterinary medicine for over a decade, & have a special focus of my practice helping our companion animals with holistic alternatives.  


My passion is in family, women’s, children’s & companion animal medicine, trying to find ways to support the body, mind & spirit.  I am deeply dedicated to bringing people’s medicine back into communities & connecting our plant community to our children. Some of the things that drive me to do the work I do with herbal medicine is the community empowerment & activism aspects of it.  It is so exquisitely anti-establishment, in the most loving & compassionate way, & incredibly freeing.  


In July of 2018, I was doing a 7 day live-in with Susun Weed on her land, & in our ceremony at the end of my time there, we each had to make a commitment to the green path. I committed to open a center offering accessible plant education, a space that supported small batch medicine, and a sacred space for community to sit in circle. And so the manifestation began, things started to fall into place, and exactly 9 months later, the lease was signed, Transcending Roots began, and what a journey it has been.  I look forward to continuing to walk this path with you. 


***I do not prescribe, diagnose, treat or cure any disease.  Consults and herbs are suggestions for general wellness based on my teachings, knowledge, and experience.  Please consult your health care practitioner before beginning any additions to your diet and healthcare choices.***

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