Personalized Herbal Support

adults, children and pets

We have a large variety of bulk herbs, simple tinctures, blended extracts, and various other preparations available for purchase in the shop.  Whether you are coming in knowing what your are looking for, or need help finding the right allies, we are here to help!

Herbal medicine is the people's medicine.  It should be accessible, safe, and effective.  We are here to offer the tools to help educate and empower others to confidently work with plants and the natural world, and the many ways they are here to help us.


My name is Kim, and I am first and foremost a mother, and a folk herbalist and green witch, with a family background in Wise Woman Healing and Appalachian Folk Traditions.  My practice generally involves working with plants in physical, spiritual, emotional and magical applications.

I have been working with plants as medicine for more than half my life at this point, have a Bachelors in Complimentary and Alternative Health and child development, studied clinical herbalism and have and continue to study and apprentice with master herbalists and earth spirit teachers from various backgrounds.  I also spent over a decade as a veterinary nurse working with small animal and exotic animal specialists, behavior therapists, senior and  emergency therapies and practices. 

If you interested in arranging consult or have general questions, please email me, and I am happy to answer any questions you may have.    All consults are sliding scale.


If you are looking for more individualized recommendations in your healing and wellness path, I am happy to offer a space of support, in addition to custom preparations of teas, tinctures, extracts, essences and oils. 

***We do not prescribediagnose, treat or cure any disease.  Consults and herbs are suggestions for general wellness based on our teachings, knowledge, and experience.  Please consult your health care practitioner before beginning any additions to your diet and healthcare choices.***